Mailbox Rental

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Features & benefits:

A suite instead of a PO box

For starters, all deliveries are greeted by a smiling receptionist, instead of a grey numbered box. We are able to accept delivers from all courier and delivery companies.

Reception service*

Our front desk staff will inform your visitors that you are currently not in the office and offer to take a message. The message and visitor’s information will be emailed to you.

Same-day mail notification

You’ll be notified of any new mail on the same day as its arrival. We’ll also indicate the sender’s name and the item type (ie. letter, parcel, magazines, etc..)

Parcels with customs/duties are accepted

We will pay for the fee on your behalf and bill you for exact amount. 

On-site meeting room*

Use our on-site meeting room to meet with your clients. No membership or registration fee required. Pay-per-use.

On-site workspace

With flexible deskspace available at your disposal. You can work by the hour, day or even secure a dedicated desk for yourself.

Multi-purpose usage

Along with using the address for your official mailing address for your business, it can also be used in other official contexts like business incorporation, business licenses, software registrations, bank accounts, domain registrations, marketing collateral and more.

International clients are welcomed

We are currently servicing clients from 14 different countries on 5 different continents. 

Treat it as if you have a physical office at The Network Hub.

Mail Scanning features:

Letters are scanned

Your letters are scanned, processed and emailed to you on the same day of being received.

Online storage of your scanned mail

Your scanned letters are secured with 256-bit AES encryption and are accessible anytime.

Mail Forwarding features:

Letters are forwarded weekly

Your letters are forwarded anywhere in the world on a weekly basis. Postage is included.

Mail courier service available

Your mail can be couriered to anywhere in the world through our partners at our exclusive discounted rates.

Additional services:

Check depositing

We’ll deposit your checks at a local bank teller for you.

Personal assistant services

Our administrative staff will assist you with your specific business needs. Please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.