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Why does my company need mailbox rental?

Have you ever had the experience of waiting around at your home office all day, just because you were expecting a courier to drop off a parcel for you? Wouldn’t it be more convenient if someone else could simply accept the package on your behalf, so that you could go out and do the things that you needed to do? Have you ever wanted to have a better separation between home and work, so that you don’t have clients knocking at the door to your house unexpectedly? Solution: Mailbox Rental.

I have PO box right now, why should I switch?

For both convenience and a more professional appearance, it is very much worthwhile to consider our mailbox rental service. This has several advantages over a traditional P.O. box. For starters, all deliveries are greeted by a smiling receptionist. Many couriers and delivery companies will not deliver to a P.O. box, but our mailbox rental service provides you with a physical address, just as if you were actually working at our office. You can also be assured that all of your mail is kept safely and securely.

How will I know if I received something?

When your mail arrives at our office, you are automatically sent an e-mail notification. This way, you don’t have to come down every day to see if any letters or parcels have arrived for you. The e-mail notifications will also let you know who is sending you the mail, so you can choose whether you want to come down to get it or you want to save the trip for next time.

What can I use the address for?

The address that you have for your mailbox rental at The Network Hub is a regular mailing address. You can use it for the official mailing address for your business, to be sure, but it can also be used in other official contexts like business incorporation, business licenses, software registrations, bank accounts, domain registrations, marketing collateral and more. Treat it as if you had a physical office at the Hub.

We are outside of North America, can we still get service?

Absolutely, our clients come from 14 different countries on 5 different continents. Below is a map where our clients are from.

What if I get packages with COD or custom fees?

If there are any C.O.D. or customs and duties charges on your parcels, we can take care of those on your behalf too, simply billing you for these costs afterward. This way, there is no delay in your receipt of the packages.

What happens if I have a guest visit the Hub in person?

Our front desk staff will inform them that you are currently not in the office, but they can take a message on your behalf. You will then receive an e-mail message letting you know that you had a visitor and you can then act accordingly.

Can we subscribe monthly?

Due to the amount of effort required to set up an account, we can only accept a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Note that we also offer discounts for long term subscriptions.