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30 Minutes Chat with @danmartell [chat transcript]

Twitter rules! Why? Because I had the opportunity to respond to @danmartell twitter invite to chat for 30 minutes in @namesake chat room. I was one of the lucky 24 people that were able to grab the wonderful gift of time!


Knowledge is to be shared so with @danmartell permission to post this, here is the full transcript of our chat.  Huge thank you to Dan for sharing his time, knowledge and especially for being candid.


Chat transcript in raw format so you have to bear with it, don’t have time to edit.  I have to go outside to talk to random people ;)


  • 1 hour ago  •  Mention Evan •  +1
  • I’ve never hosted .. so bear with me.

    Dan Martell 1 hour ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • Who’s here?

    Dan Martell 1 hour ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • present.

    Rick Fillion 1 hour ago  •  Mention Rick •  +1
  • Everyone that has a green by it

    Eric Strait 1 hour ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • Hey Rick

    Evan Morgan 1 hour ago  •  Mention Evan •  +1
  • on the right

    Eric Strait 1 hour ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • Howdy

    Nick Frost 1 hour ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • Hi there!~

    Lynda Brown 1 hour ago  •  Mention Lynda •  +1
  • So how does this work exactly ?

    Ethan Sopenski 1 hour ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • How do I make this a public / private convo? Private (invite only) but public for everyone to see?

    Dan Martell 60 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • why not just post the transcript of it after the fact? or do you want it to be live?

    Rick Fillion 59 minutes ago  •  Mention Rick •  +1
  • @Rick Fillion can you do that? if so, then that works.

    Dan Martell 59 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • Where is @Brian Norgard when you need him.

    Eric Strait 59 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • Hey all. Steve with here. Excited to hear Dan drop some knowledge.

    Steve Faulkner 59 minutes ago  •  Mention Steve •  +1
  • If you haven’t seen this .. it’s going to help shape the conversation – I want to focus on Startup Marketing…startups

    Dan Martell 59 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • lol… i dunno… I’ve never used namesake, but I figure a copy/paste can’t be too hard. :)

    Rick Fillion 59 minutes ago  •  Mention Rick •  +1
  • hola!

    Jay Liew 59 minutes ago  •  Mention Jay •  +1
  • What’s up guys

    Dan Martell 58 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • thanks for the time, Dan

    Jay Liew 58 minutes ago  •  Mention Jay •  +1
  • Sounds great.

    Eric Strait 58 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • @Dan Martell what are the top level buckets/ways a startup can use to get users?

    Ethan Bloch 58 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • Brian Norgard (Founder of Namesake) is a friend and a Flowtown investor .. so wanted to use his cool tech – it’s pretty awesome!

    Dan Martell 58 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • I’m a web apps guy, and this web app is solid.

    Jay Liew 57 minutes ago  •  Mention Jay •  +1
  • Very cool – glad to be here – feel like a cool kid;)

    Lynda Brown 57 minutes ago  •  Mention Lynda •  +1
  • @Ethan Bloch (who’s my co-founder ;) – great question. I like to start by asking your friends – after you’ve explained to them what you do – for referals.

    Dan Martell 57 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • “Live comment scrolling” is causing my window to jump up and down – I’m in the latest version of GOOG Chrome, argh. “Error: Unable to load /conversation/private/11a87e6-11e0-9def-12313f014066/comment status:0″But looking forward to the convo :)

    Brian Hayashi 57 minutes ago  •  Mention Brian •  +1
  • Once you have a solid based of customers (ask for $1 or more :) – then focus on building renewable marketing channels like social media accounts, blogs, and “press”.

    Dan Martell 56 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell How do you leverage celebrities that are already using your service to gain more early adopters.

    Ethan Sopenski 56 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Normally Brian or Andrew would simply create a conversation then make it invite only, so the world can still view it. Now we are in a private – invite only convo, so only we can see it :) Still fun though!

    Nick Frost 55 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • @Ethan Sopenski ideally you reach out to them when they sign up for the app, thank them for their time and ask for any thoughts / feedback / etc … try and get them on the phone. Once you listen to them, implement or fix something, then reach back out and ask for a testimonial.

    Dan Martell 55 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell so names/users you got for free (asking for an email address on download, for ex), not as useful?

    Rick Fillion 55 minutes ago  •  Mention Rick •  +1
  • Awesome

    Ethan Sopenski 54 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • @Nick Frost ah, got it .. will need to talk to them about the convo settings. I’d like to make it public but invite only to pariticipate.

    Dan Martell 54 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell How have you leveraged YouTube, if at all, as a a marketing tool?

    Rogtung 54 minutes ago  •  Mention Rogtung •  +1
  • 2
    @Rick Fillion free users don’t teach you anything ;) .. asking for a $1 seperates the real entrepreneurs from the rest.

    Dan Martell 54 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • 1
    @Dan Martell any advice on reaching out to customers (for interviews) where the solution is a reactive purchase (e.g. computer repair)

    Jay Liew 53 minutes ago  •  Mention Jay •  +1
  • @danmarell I’d argue that that depends on what hte business model is. :P but yeah, i see your point.

    Rick Fillion 53 minutes ago  •  Mention Rick •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Hey Dan, I saw on your website that you specialize in tech start ups. I have an idea that I ran by with Rick and I think it has some potential. What are my next steps to help validate my idea?

    Evan Morgan 53 minutes ago  •  Mention Evan •  +1
  • @Rogtung I’ve helped my brother leverage YouTube http://youtube.c…ellhomes (local Home Builder). Marketing is all about: Know, Like, Trust, Buy and hopefully Refer. Youtube gets you from 1 to 3 really fast.

    Dan Martell 53 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • There’s a whole marketing aspect to my idea and I think you’d be the expert in this.

    Evan Morgan 52 minutes ago  •  Mention Evan •  +1
  • @Evan Morgan start with a guess as to who your customer might be, make a list of 20 people, then pick up the phone ;) .. seriously, it’s that simple and something you can validate in a day. Ask @Ethan Bloch we do this all the time.

    Dan Martell 52 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • Hi everyone, glad to be on the chat

    Mike Caprio 51 minutes ago  •  Mention Mike •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Does the Dropbox method of launching grassroot through Hacker New, Digg, Reddit still work?

    Minna Van 51 minutes ago  •  Delete Comment
  • @Rick Fillion maybe, but most first time Entrepreneurs don’t know why they do what they do .. so I always suggest getting $1 first, then adjust.

    Dan Martell 51 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell How do you keep tract of all your connections, what tools do you use to keep track of your network?

    Ethan Sopenski 51 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • Anyone working on mobile apps and have tips for standing out amongst 500,000 other offerings?

    Lynda Brown 51 minutes ago  •  Mention Lynda •  +1
  • @Minna Van it’s not as potent as it once was .. but it can be done. I think Zaarly did a good job at that (although you need to insure your product rocks when you do open it up).

    Dan Martell 50 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • Oh, and it’s zuluMe (my app) and I do charge;)

    Lynda Brown 50 minutes ago  •  Mention Lynda •  +1
  • @Dan Martell back to what you told @Evan Morgan . What if your idea is for the business (entrepreneur) community, are you not concerned about someone taking your idea and running with it?

    Eric Strait 49 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • @Ethan Sopenski I use Evernote and create lists for different cities and categories .. mainly just keep first name, email and info about them. Super old school. The key is not how I store them, but leveraging them. I focus more on outcomes than process.

    Dan Martell 48 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Is hackernews still one of the best way to get feedback on projects? Any other channels you would suggest to get solid feedback?

    Minna Van 48 minutes ago  •  Delete Comment
  • WTF is up with Tim O

    Brian Hayashi 47 minutes ago  •  Mention Brian •  +1
  • @Eric Strait nope, you do more harm than good keeping your idea to yourself. Trust me, tell as many people as will listen, and see if it sticks. If it doesn’t, consider adjusting.

    Dan Martell 47 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • 1
    @Eric Strait If someone is more concerned about your idea than their own, then how can they be a credible entrepreneur?

    Nick Frost 47 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • @Dan Martell How would I go about pitching my idea to an angel investor ?

    Evan Morgan 47 minutes ago  •  Mention Evan •  +1
  • 2
    @Minna Van hackernews is for geeks .. every app I’ve built is for people – I go to where they are. Usually in the streets, malls or sitting in a restaurant/coffee shop. I really think entrepreneurs should stop hiding behind a keyboard and talk to real people face to face.

    Dan Martell 46 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • 1
    @Evan Morgan the pitch is your URL. that simple.

    Dan Martell 46 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • Dan, given your comment that “the pitch is your URL”, do you have a preference on how to build landing pages? I’m partial to Unbounce.

    Brian Hayashi 45 minutes ago  •  Mention Brian •  +1
  • @Dan Martell if you’re working on something that’s for consumer: any tactics on how to start a conversation and not come off as a weirdo? E.g. I could sit in a park or mall, and start asking people “hey, do you have a computer problem”, but that might come off sleazy

    Jay Liew 44 minutes ago  •  Mention Jay •  +1
  • @Brian Hayashi I’m an angel investor in Unbounce, so thank you ;) . I meant a working prototype. Startups are not about Landing Pages. It’s too easy to build something – if you don’t have a prototype then you’re not serious.

    Dan Martell 44 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Thanks, that takes the biggest relief off me ever :) It makes me fill better that I’m not about to waste $15,000 of my own money for a “who wants this” product.

    Eric Strait 44 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • I might be in a unique situation here… 2 years down the road, several hundred k $ invested… when do I know “enough is enough” and it’s time to jump to my next idea?

    Rick Fillion 44 minutes ago  •  Mention Rick •  +1
  • @Nick Frost nice point Nick.

    Eric Strait 44 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • 1
    @Jay Liew your assuming customers don’t do preventative repairs on their computers. You might want to partner with a local repair shop and pay them for leads to route through your site to test.

    Dan Martell 43 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • 1
    @Dan Gould Martell Is there any way I could talk with you about my idea? I am looking for an angel investor.

    Evan Morgan 43 minutes ago  •  Mention Evan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Thank you! Will slowly crawl outside to talk to people :p

    Minna Van 43 minutes ago  •  Delete Comment
  • @Dan Martell** Is there any way I could talk with you about my idea? I am looking for an angel investor.

    Evan Morgan 43 minutes ago  •  Mention Evan •  +1
  • @Rick Fillion the customers will usually tell you. At the end of the day, Entrepreneurship is an Art. There’s no one answer for that.

    Dan Martell 43 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Minna Van it’s awesome … you’ll have fun. Just stop people and ask them for 3 seconds to give advice on a new company “Your friend is working on” (so that the feedback isn’t filtered).

    Dan Martell 42 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell I agree prototypes trump landing pages — but what about using landing pages to triangulate interest and determine pivot points?

    Brian Hayashi 41 minutes ago  •  Mention Brian •  +1
  • @Evan Morgan I only review investments made from close friends I trust .. if you can get through that then I’ll review what you’ve got.

    Dan Martell 41 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Any analytics tools you highly recommend when first launching a web service?

    Minna Van 40 minutes ago  •  Delete Comment
  • 2
    @Brian Hayashi FUCK LANDING PAGES ;) . Talk to people. Pick up the phone, go outside, email someone. When did doing a tech startup become about landing pages? I could spend 1 hour learning more about my market by picking up the phone then you will configuring a landing page.

    Dan Martell 40 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell LOL

    Brian Hayashi 39 minutes ago  •  Mention Brian •  +1
  • @Minna Van Google Analytics is pretty awesome if you configure it properly with events and goals. rocks and I’ve been playing with

    Dan Martell 39 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • 1
    (sorry for yelling)

    Dan Martell 39 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • I have found that my targeted market is people in college, or just finishing college, would you suggest that I go to campuses and ask if they like it?

    Ethan Sopenski 39 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • @Ethan Sopenski absolutely .. if you can print of wireframes or have some mockups on an iPad/laptop – that’ll help as well.

    Dan Martell 38 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • 1
    Dan – this past weekend at LSM you said something to me that stuck really well “If you want to become a real entrepreneur, you must do all the things that the wannabe entrepreneurs are afraid of doing”

    Jay Liew 38 minutes ago  •  Mention Jay •  +1
  • @Dan Gould Martell who can I talk to ? :)

    Evan Morgan 38 minutes ago  •  Mention Evan •  +1
  • @Ethan Sopenski and bring pizza. Or food in general. I’ve done hour long studies for a few slices (in college).

    Garrett Dunham 38 minutes ago  •  Mention Garrett •  +1
  • @Dan Martell ** the site keeps changing the name, who can I talk to?

    Evan Morgan 37 minutes ago  •  Mention Evan •  +1
  • @Evan Morgan if you can’t figure that out – then you probably will have a hard time with your startup. Just saying .. I live a very public life, with my friends tweeting at me, list on Facebook / LinkedIn, etc.

    Dan Martell 36 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • Twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube,- Rank the order of importance to you as a startup marketing tool

    Rogtung 36 minutes ago  •  Mention Rogtung •  +1
  • that was for @Dan Martell

    Rogtung 36 minutes ago  •  Mention Rogtung •  +1
  • @Garrett Dunham great suggestion .. best way to have them come to you – #food ;)

    Dan Martell 36 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • 1
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

    Dan Martell 35 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • I’m a bike mechanic, do you think if I put up a sign free bike maintenance at a campus I would get people to come over ?

    Ethan Sopenski 35 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • Facebook Ads (I run stuff everyday for $5), LinkedIn cost 2x per lead but very relevant .. the other stuff is more for inbound marketing.

    Dan Martell 35 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Ethan Sopenski I have worked with college students for a while and have configured teams in dorms for almost nothing, so let me know if you need any help (and no I don’t want any money) :)

    Eric Strait 34 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • 1
    @Ethan Sopenski what about scheduling a bike ride/meetup and asking your target market while getting some exercise?

    Garrett Dunham 34 minutes ago  •  Mention Garrett •  +1
  • @Ethan Sopenski just stop people as they walk by .. yes, I know it’ll be scary at first – but trust me, doing a startup can be way more intense .. so start getting use to it =)

    Dan Martell 34 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell what are your thoughts on leveraging text (sms) marketing for industries like golf clubs, resorts, etc?

    Greg HIckman 34 minutes ago  •  Mention Greg •  +1
  • @Greg HIckman I’ve never ran sms marketing campaigns .. so can’t say.

    Dan Martell 33 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Would the Hubspot approach to inbound marketing (i.e. getting ppl’s email addresses to send them relevant content) necessarily work for B2C startups? Instead would it better to have the content available to them without an email address but drive them to our website?

    Yoseph West 33 minutes ago  •  Mention Yoseph •  +1
  • Thanks everyone, i’m copying and pasting it all :)

    Ethan Sopenski 33 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • @Yoseph West inbound marketing is great .. but takes a while to build up a presence, traffic, etc … if you’re a startup – it’s best to leverage your network to get early users, then build some kind of social invite flow to amplify those users. B2C should be more about product then inbound marketing.

    Dan Martell 32 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Yoseph West Good question

    Nick Frost 32 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • @Dan Martell You’ve advised calling once a week to talk someone in the Valley to get advices if your meetup is elsewhere but at what point is it necessary to move to the valley?

    Minna Van 32 minutes ago  •  Delete Comment
  • @Dan Martell you’re running facebook ads for $5? I’ll have to look into this more. What kind of tests are you running? (Or is it straight marketing?)

    Garrett Dunham 31 minutes ago  •  Mention Garrett •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Ooops I meant business

    Minna Van 31 minutes ago  •  Delete Comment
  • @Minna Van it’s not necessary to be in the valley – but it may be 2-3x harder to get funded or hire a certain level or engineer. I personally believe great entrepreneurs can do it from wherever … problems are problems and you’ll still need to solve them here or there. If you build something awesome outside of the valley, that usually means you’d be a weapon if you moved here! ;)

    Dan Martell 31 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Garrett Dunham I’m running ad copy test .. to see what benefit statements work best (by looking at the CTR’s and CPC’s).

    Dan Martell 30 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell what has been your most effective marketing strategy so far?

    Garrett Dunham 28 minutes ago  •  Mention Garrett •  +1
  • @Dan Martell any good books you recommend for startup marketing, or just anythign startup?

    Rogtung 28 minutes ago  •  Mention Rogtung •  +1
  • or blogs

    Rogtung 28 minutes ago  •  Mention Rogtung •  +1
  • @Dan Martell I’m sure that works for mass consumer apps that don’t require a high level of trust. We’re a finance app and building trust with consumers is priority #1 to ensure we’re successful. Any ideas of how else we can do this? We’re kind of avoiding press until we hit p/m fit

    Yoseph West 28 minutes ago  •  Mention Yoseph •  +1
  • @Nick Frost Thanks

    Yoseph West 27 minutes ago  •  Mention Yoseph •  +1
  • @Garrett Dunham for us, our blog and Facebook

    Dan Martell 27 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Rogtung I would highly recommend spending $100 bucks and run ads on every platform you can to learn what’s available. Then I read Inbound Marketing by @Dharmesh Shah – he’s a genius. Doing is better than reading.

    Dan Martell 26 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Rogtung Steve Blank’s: The Four Step’s to the Epiphany, Patrick Vlaskovits’: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development, and Alexander Osterwalder: Business Model Canvas. Get those to start.

    Nick Frost 26 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • @Dan Martell what are your recommendations for bootstrapped startups that are trying to get the business off the ground while having a full-time job?

    Greg HIckman 26 minutes ago  •  Mention Greg •  +1
  • thanks @Dan Martell and @Nick Frost

    Rogtung 25 minutes ago  •  Mention Rogtung •  +1
  • @Yoseph West I would argue the trust is almost on the same level .. what’s the difference between read only access to a bank account vs. full on access to someones Facebook account?

    Dan Martell 25 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Greg HIckman Work hard.

    Nick Frost 24 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • 2
    @Greg HIckman set a small revenue goal that’s 3 months out in the future – then post it to your Facebook wall and tell everyone you plan on hitting it. Then report weekly how you’re doing.

    Dan Martell 24 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • 1
    I love how many people have joined .. just wanted to say thanks to everyone!

    Dan Martell 23 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Umm, fair point. But, we’re actually recommending / valuing stocks. Surely that requires more trust than worrying about an app spamming your facebook wall?

    Yoseph West 23 minutes ago  •  Mention Yoseph •  +1
  • @Dan Martell awesome. that is good advice! thanks for doing this! great stuff!

    Greg HIckman 23 minutes ago  •  Mention Greg •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Thank YOU for taking the time to answer our questions!

    Minna Van 23 minutes ago  •  Delete Comment
  • @Dan Martell Whoa, that’ll be accountability! I think that most folks would be afraid to validate their revenue goals via Facebook updates.

    Nick Frost 23 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • @Dan Martell same here! thanks Dan for putting this together

    Ethan Sopenski 23 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • Thanks @Dan Martell for setting this up, it was fun to see all these questions. :)

    Rick Fillion 23 minutes ago  •  Mention Rick •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Thanks a million Dan! I love how candid you are!

    Eric Strait 23 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • @Eric Strait He’s even cooler in person :)

    Nick Frost 22 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • Good luck with the new venture! I think it’s a winner!

    Brian Hayashi 22 minutes ago  •  Mention Brian •  +1
  • @Nick Frost The truth doesn’t lie :)

    Eric Strait 22 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • Haha too bad I couldn’t be at lean startup machine this weekend – would have liked meeting Dan and everyone.

    Garrett Dunham 22 minutes ago  •  Mention Garrett •  +1
  • @Nick Frost Freaking A, I would love to see that! LOL!

    Eric Strait 21 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • We should all let namesake know how cool this was

    Ethan Sopenski 21 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • Me too! Great discussion – thanks Dan

    Lynda Brown 21 minutes ago  •  Mention Lynda •  +1
  • 4
    I might do another one of these in the future .. good luck with everyone’s startups. If you’re an Entrepreneur – take a bow. You’re a special person .. don’t ever forget that. Most never start.

    Dan Martell 21 minutes ago  •  Mention Dan •  +1
  • Just wondering, is this convo logged forever? we can comeback and read this?

    Rogtung 20 minutes ago  •  Mention Rogtung •  +1
  • @Dan Martell thanks again let us know if you’re going to do more!

    Greg HIckman 20 minutes ago  •  Mention Greg •  +1
  • thanks Dan!

    Jay Liew 20 minutes ago  •  Mention Jay •  +1
  • Thanks for your time @Dan Martell

    Yoseph West 20 minutes ago  •  Mention Yoseph •  +1
  • @Nick Frost By the way, the BetaCandy shirts are ready and look freaking awesome!

    Eric Strait 20 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • @Rogtung Yep, forever.

    Nick Frost 19 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • Thanks!

    Rogtung 19 minutes ago  •  Mention Rogtung •  +1
  • @Eric Strait Thanks! And just so you know everyone, is kick-ass.

    Nick Frost 19 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • @Nick Frost Haha, yep I agree :)

    Eric Strait 19 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Any chance I can get my last question answered? “Umm, fair point. But, we’re actually recommending / valuing stocks. Surely that requires more trust than worrying about an app spamming your facebook wall?”

    Yoseph West 18 minutes ago  •  Mention Yoseph •  +1
  • @Dan Martell Thanks for your time Dan! See ya at the next LSM, hopefully in LA :)

    Nick Frost 18 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • How do you get your startup on betacandy?

    Ethan Sopenski 18 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • @Ethan Sopenski Ask me, but message me privately please, we don’t wanna dilute this convo on Startup Marketing.

    Nick Frost 17 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • What are some projects some of you are working on?

    Eric Strait 16 minutes ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1
  • @Nick Frost ok cool, sorry

    Ethan Sopenski 15 minutes ago  •  Mention Ethan •  +1
  • @Ethan Sopenski No worries :)

    Nick Frost 14 minutes ago  •  Mention Nick •  +1
  • Mike, I was thinking about that last night while watching Paul Graham’s Office Hours from Disrupt. Seems like if you get 1 big company on board, others will follow suit.

    Blake Hill 8 minutes ago  •  Mention Blake •  +1
  • Blake that’s my impression as well

    Mike Caprio 6 minutes ago  •  Mention Mike •  +1
  • @Mike Caprio You can try one of Bill Rancic’s moves and send some kind of gift to the company and see if you can connect somehow that way.

    Eric Strait less than a minute ago  •  Mention Eric •  +1