What’s the difference between Advance and Basic package?

With Advance Virtual Office, you get mail forwarding which means we forward your mail to you weekly and with Basic Virtual Office, your mail is kept for you at the office until you pick them up.

Do I get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage?

Yes our answering service covers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Do you deal with businesses that provide 24-7 emergency support?

We most certainly do, you provide us with an escalation procedure and a list of contacts we go through the list calling until we reach someone.

What if I get packages with COD or custom fees?

If there are any C.O.D. or customs and duties charges on your parcels, we can take care of those on your behalf too, simply billing you for these costs afterward. This way, there is no delay in your receipt of the packages.

How much is a patch?

When a client absolutely must get a hold of you, we will try to contact you and patch the client through to you. Each successful patch is 2.25

If I exceed my call limits, what is the cost per call?

Each additional call is 2.25 per call.

Do I have to be on a contract?

Absolutely not! No commitment, no long-term contract but we do require 30 days notice.

How do I cancel?

You just have to email and let us know you no longer require our service. Please give us 30 days notice.

How will I know I received letter or parcel?

When your mail arrives at our office, you are automatically sent an e-mail notification. This way, you don’t have to come down every day to see if any letters or parcels have arrived for you. The e-mail notifications will also let you know who is sending you the mail, so you can choose whether you want to come down to get it or you want to save the trip for next time.

Why do you have an activation fee and require a deposit?

Our activation fee is for your account creation plus a technician to program your company info into all the computers in our call centre. The deposit is required in order to prevent unnecessary service disruption at month end when your credit card is expired or you are away on a business trip.