Fiona Friesen of Glue Solutions

The Network Hub was founded on the principle of empowering startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners with the support and tools they need to succeed. Over on Vancouver Island, Glue focuses on “connecting people and ideas.” Glue Communications Specialist and Facilitator Fiona Friesen joins us today for a quick conversation about their business and the services they offer.

Fiona FriesenWhat is Glue? How did it get started? Glue connects people and ideas. The company got started as a communications company in 2004 to support the arts, community and environmental sectors. Today, I offer workshops to community-minded entrepreneurs and decision-makers to get them connected with their ideas, their people and their winning propositions. My super power is ‘service-as-product packaging,’ realizing the intangible through brand strategy and storytelling.

Who is your typical client? My clients are anything but typical. They are the eccentric bright lights, leaders and visionaries of tomorrow.

What are some of the most common challenges presented by your clients? My clients hover at the edge of owning their best ideas. Often their vision is larger than others are able to appreciate, so I work them to validate and package their ideas in a way that allows them to connect with essential audiences.

How can businesses reconcile the desire to grow the bottom line with moral obligations? When you do the right thing, your bottom line benefits and your community flourishes.

Where did you hear about The Network Hub? Through Start Up Nanaimo. What services are you using at the Hub? Tell us about your experience thus far. I am a co-worker with a dedicated desk and I use the common area for workshops with future plans to use the offices in the Vancouver area. The Network Hub is an essential partner of the Nanaimo business community with the capacity to connect globally.

Where can people find out more about Glue? Go to Visit me at The Network Hub in Nanaimo.