John Boudreau of Align 4 Growth

The people who use the services at The Network Hub are what make this coworking community so great. Today, we are highlighting one of the fantastic professionals over at our Nanaimo office. Say hello to John Boudreau of Align 4 Growth.

Introduce us to Align 4 Growth. What services do you offer? Align 4 Growth specializes in mentoring Micro-sized (under 5 employees) Entrepreneurial Businesses to focus on essential next step directions to ensure sustainable growth. Whether through coaching and/or consulting, we guide and support our clients to business success through reaching clarity of purpose and developing efficient strategies to achieve their goals. Other services includes: Business Coaching and Consulting Services, Priming for Profit, New Business Development, Sales and Distribution, Customer Relationship Management, and Sustainable Growth Strategies.

How did you get started? From March 2010 to March 2012, I was contracted with Mid Island Science and Technology Innovation Council (MISTIC) in Nanaimo as a Business Coach helping innovative entrepreneurs work through stages from start up through growth stages of business. When MISTIC’s funding for coaches got cancelled, I continued on and created Align 4 Growth to serve an even wider spectrum of social impact entrepreneurs.

Who is your typical customer? Social impact entrepreneurs with triple bottom line: people, purpose, planet.

Can you tell us about a recent success story? Recently helped one of my clients double their revenue (and social impact) in just over a year through pivoting and re-aligning.

Where did you learn about The Network Hub? Through Angie Barnard in Nanaimo.

What services do you currently use at The Network Hub? Shared office, meeting room, events.

How has your experience been so far? Enjoyed the enthusiasm during the very recent successful Network Hub launch in Nanaimo. Enjoy participating in brainstorming and meeting sessions as part of a resourceful growing community of entrepreneurial why not doers.

If you could give a single piece of advice to someone starting their own small business, what would it be? Be part of a community of why not doers, mentors and visionaries.

Where can people learn more about Align 4 Growth? and LinkedIn at

Anything else you would like to add? Do in depth research to isolate the PAIN of the problem for which you are providing a solution – then DO! For a Complimentary Consultation please contact us at