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The traditional work environment is rapidly giving way to new working arrangements that better align with the modern digital lifestyle. Telecommuting and remote teams are no longer fringe concepts adopted only by early adopters and trendsetters, but rather they are slowly becoming the norm for companies and startups of just about any size. And a big part of this paradigm shift has been fueled by the rise of the Internet and cloud computing solutions.

One such solution is Revert, which provides daily backups for all your online files and data. The company’s founder, Richard Chetwynd, is a strong proponent of remote working and his team of six is spread across two countries and three cities. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Chetwynd has lived and worked in Canada, the United States, England and Australia over the past 10 years.

These days, he tries to spend about two months out of the year in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, working out of The Network Hub coworking space in the popular ski resort town. While he recognizes some of the challenges that may be associated with distributed teams, he also understands that remote working can be terrific if the team members are self motivated.

“You lose a bit of buzz and excitement of all working together in an office,” he says, “but as long as everyone communicates well, then it works.”

And this is a part of the reason why Chetwynd decided on coworking at the Network Hub over some of the other remote office alternatives in Whistler. Working from home “isn’t much fun” and “bouncing between hotel lobbies and business centers” is hardly ideal. By contrast, working at the Hub provides him with the “chance to meet and work with new people. It’s always inspiring to hear what other like-minded people are getting up to.” The “consistency of having a desk I could go to every day” was another major motivator.

It also helps that the “mountains are super inspiring” and his children “love ski school.”

Involved in the tech industry for some fifteen years, Richard Chetwynd launched his first software-as-a-service company,, in 2007 before it was eventually acquired by an American public company four years later in 2011. He can fully appreciate and leverage the power of the Internet to conduct business with colleagues, clients and associates.

With his trusty iPhone 6 Plus and MacBook Pro by his side, Chetwynd is able to run his high-growth software company from just about anywhere on the globe. He uses Trello for “getting stuff done,” Slack for team chats, for communicating with Revert customers, and Evernote for ideas and writing, as well as email and Twitter for general correspondence and news.

He “lives in the cloud,” so all of the services he uses are online. “If they weren’t, then I probably wouldn’t use them.”

And it is perhaps with this mindset of living in the cloud that Revert was born. Our growing reliance on cloud-based online services provides a great deal of convenience. At the same time, should one of those services go down or should critical data be accidentally deleted or go missing, the results could be catastrophic.

With Revert, users get a searchable daily backup of their cloud files and data on popular services like Dropbox, Tumblr, MailChimp, Evernote and Constant Contact. If a mailing list is accidentally altered or removed from MailChimp, for instance, all of that data can be easily restored and business can continue as usual without having to wait hours or even days for support to resolve the issue, if they can resolve it at all. The fully searchable database makes it easy to find old and new files and data too.

Support for additional popular cloud services is being planned for the near future with backup support for Google Drive to be released imminently. The team is working on new features and backup integrations that will roll out during 2015.

As far as advice for other startups and anyone who is thinking about working remotely, Chetwynd recommends finding a coworking space like The Network Hub as quickly and as early as possible. “Search for them before you even leave home and make contact.” He also recommends informing your team of where you’re going and what your hours will be, which is “especially important when crossing time zones.”

And above all else, “be an awesome communicator, with your team and with the other people in the cowork space.”

Revert is perfect for freelancers, creatives and digital nomad types that frequent co-working spaces. Visit for more information and use the coupon code “TREVER” (“Revert” backwards) for a three-month free trial of the Pro account. They’re always open to questions and feedback and, thanks to coworking and cloud computing, you can reach the Revert team from just about anywhere you can get online.