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Providing short-term coworking space rental in Nanaimo since 2015, The Network Hub has been the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes. Included with all our coworking space rentals are: fully-furnished furniture, 24/7 dedicated access, WiFi internet connectivity, printing and scanning access, on-site meeting room and a full compliment of highly-skilled staff to support your business, our Nanaimo coworking space can truly be considered to be a complete turnkey solution. Our flexible short-term rental length allows for your business to scale up and down without having to worry about incurring fees or limitations. When you first signup for our Nanaimo coworking space, you’ll be provided with a fully-furnished deskspace so you can start working away on your laptop/desktop computer at any time, 24/7. Along with a dedicated coworking space, you automatically gain a professional downtown mailing address to be used on your business card, website and/or business registration. Any newly received mail are securely stored and you’ll be notified by email on the same-day. When you use your new business address, you can will have peace of mind knowing our highly-trained front desk staff will receive all of your guests with the highest level of professionalism. With our multi-purposed on-site meeting room, you’re able to conduct interviews, presentations and any other private meeting functions. Printing and scanning services are present on-site and handled by our front desk team. When you signup for a coworking space at our Nanaimo location, not only will you gain a dedicated 24/7 workspace, you’ll have access to a professional mailing address, printing and scanning services, on-site meeting room access and a team of highly-trained professional front desk staff to support your business. All of the forementioned benefits are provided on a flexible short-term rental length that will accommodate the scaling of your business needs. To learn more about our pricings or schedule a tour, please see below.

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How It Works

Dedicated Coworking Space

  1. Book a tour with us.
  2. Complete a member agreement. Initial commitment is 3-months follow by a month-to-month term. Discounts are available for longer terms, 6-months and 12-months.
  3. Welcome to The Network Hub community!
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Hotdesking (Drop-in)

  1. Click on “Book Now”
  2. Select a date, time and duration
  3. Sign in (or signup for a free account)
  4. Make your payment
  5. Done – the shared office space has been reserved for you.
Get Started

Desk & chair  
Dedicated deskspace  
Extended hour access  
High speed internet  
Mailbox rental service (more info)  
Meeting room access (more info) 5 hours/month
Access other Network Hub locations 3 days/month
Pricing $250/month

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Flexible to a coworking space with no commitment and all the flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule.

Desk & chair  
Weekday access (9AM to 5PM)  
High speed internet  
Pricing $200/month
Valid for 1-month

By law, we are required to add a 5% GST to all booking passes.

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Drop-In Coworking Space (Hotdesk)

Fully furnished workstation  
High speed internet  
Pricing $5/hour


Q: Can I leave my computer & equipment on my desk?
A: Absolutely, we have security measures in place to safeguard your belongings.

Q: Do you have lockers or storage?
A: We currently do not offer any storage/locker space.

Q: Do you host events at your space?
A: Yes, we support local groups who organize events that benefit our community and the community-at-large, you can see a full calendar of events here.

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