Private Office Space Rentals at the Hub

As a small business owner, you may find it difficult to rent your own dedicated office space. Taking out that long term lease to get an entire office to yourself can prove costly, not to mention all the additional costs that can come along with running and maintaining a dedicated office. That’s why the private office space rentals at The Network Hub are a much better option!

Whereas the hotdesking option would have you sharing an office space with other entrepreneurs on an as-needed basis, the private office rentals at the Hub mean that you get that office space completely to yourself. It is a private office space and no one else is going to use it. This is just like taking out your own dedicated office, but without having to deal with renting an entire office to yourself.

The best part is that you still get all the benefits associated with coworking at The Network Hub. This means that you don’t have to pay for electricity, water, heating, or any of the other utilities that would be associated with conventional office space rental. You also get high-speed Internet included in your monthly fee, as well as a bookable meeting room, reception service, mail service, courier handling, and a shared fax line. Your private office space also comes fully furnished and you can use our kitchen too.

And don’t think that just because your private office space is at the Hub that you can only get to it during regular business hours. Just as if you rented the entire space yourself, you have 24/7 access to your office. All said, you save several hundred dollars each and every month on utility bills and maintenance costs.

Private office space rentals at our Richmond office start at just $895 per month for a space of between 100 and 130 feet. We also have medium and large office spaces available.

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