Coworking Space & Shared Office Rental

When working out of the local coffee shop just isn’t good enough anymore and you need a more suitable environment conducive to getting the job done, our flexible and secure coworking space is the perfect temporary or short-term solution.

Perhaps your usual office is currently undergoing renovations and you need a great office space where you don’t have to worry about access to power outlets or a fast and reliable Internet connection. All of the amenities and infrastructure that you’ve come to expect from your own office is available via our flexible shared office space.

You’ve got high speed internet, as well as access to printing, scanning and faxing services. Need to get together with your team to discuss an important project? Want a quiet and private space to conduct an interview or to host a sales presentation with potential partners? Hotdesking members also have access to our meeting rooms.

Unsure about your upcoming schedule? Our on-demand deskspace means you can pop by any time during regular office hours. And you’re not restricted to a single location either. When you sign up as a coworking member, you gain access to all the other Hub locations.

So, while you may choose to spend most of your time coworking at the Richmond space, for instance, you can rest easy knowing that you can just as easily enjoy the same level of service and facilities when you find yourself attending a conference in Downtown Vancouver or while spending a weekend in Whistler Village. It’s entirely up to you, completely on an as-needed basis. Select locations even provide bike storage and shower facilities!

Want more predictability and stability in your office space? Opt for a dedicated desk at the Network Hub location of your choosing and that desk will always be reserved for you all month long for however long you need it. Some locations even offer 24/7 access, so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can get the job done any hour of the day, any day of the week.

Plan on traveling or think you’ll be in and out of the office? The shared office space includes our mailbox rental service with a real physical address and a live receptionist to accept any deliveries you may receive.

The best part about our coworking space? Members gain access to our numerous Hub community events. There is nothing quite like the serendipity that occurs when you surround yourself with your fellow success-oriented startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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