Coworking Space in Vancouver

The Network Hub has been providing coworking space in downtown Vancouver since 2006. Coworking space, aka. shared office space, is a large (typically) open office space that houses many different types of businesses. Furnished with chairs and desks, the common configuration for a coworking space is clusters of desk space with a few private areas for group meetings/discussions. Inherent to shared office space, access is flexible and varies depending on needs: short-term (drop-ins/hotdesking) or long-term (single/multi-months) with each having their own pros/cons. At The Network Hub, we have resources such as printers, scanners, faxing machines, an on-site meeting room and a team of front desk staff available to help your business grow. As a coworking space member at The Network Hub, you’ll also gain a plethora of exclusive perks and benefits that are available through our partners. From operating a coworking space in Vancouver for over 10 years, The Network Hub leverages its knowledge, experience and resources to support its members in achieving the highest opportunity for success.

Coworking Space – Vancouver – Downtown 
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Why The Network Hub?

As one of the oldest coworking spaces in the world, The Network Hub has been in operation for over 10 years. With our operating knowledge and experience, we are able to provide a coworking space in Vancouver to can accommodate to a vast array of businesses. Access ranges from as little as an hour of shared deskspace use to a dedicated space with 24/7 access, there will definitely be a solution that would match any business’s office space needs. Unlike a coffee shop, when you use our shared office space, you can be certain that your personal belongings will be safe and secure, regardless if you’re here for an hour or a month. When you use our Vancouver coworking space as your workspace, you’ll also gain access to all of our resources to maximize your business’s opportunity for success. On-site resources such as printers, scanners, fax machines and a team of administrative staff to support you, The Network Hub in Vancouver  provides you with a coworking space that helps in cultivating your business.  Unlike the traditional office space rental, our Vancouver coworking space offers flexible access to our shared office space, ranging from an hour to a dedicated work space that’s 24/7-access. Our dedicated coworking space rental term can be a short as 3 months to give your business the flexibility for growth. If your team needs to grow in order accommodate for a large project, our shared office space allows for flexibility in adding additional coworking deskspace without the need to sign long-term agreements. The same can be said for when a large project has been wrapped up and you’re looking to lower overhead cost by reducing the number of coworking deskspace you have. With 10 years of experience under our belt in operating a Vancouver coworking space, we are confident that our shared office space is the perfect place for your business to succeed in.

Vancouver – Coworking Space – Downtown
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How It Works

Dedicated Coworking Space

  1. Book a tour with us.
  2. Complete a member agreement. Initial commitment is 3-months follow by a month-to-month term. Discounts are available for longer terms, 6-months and 12-months.
  3. Welcome to The Network Hub community!
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Hotdesking (Drop-in)

  1. Click on “Book Now”
  2. Select a date, time and duration
  3. Sign in (or signup for a free account)
  4. Make your payment
  5. Done – the shared office space has been reserved for you.
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Rates & Plans

Dedicated Coworking Space

Fully furnished workstation  
Dedicated deskspace  
Extended hour access  
High speed internet  
Access to printing, scanning & faxing services  
Mailbox rental service (more info)  
Meeting room access (more info) 5 hours/month
Access other Network Hub locations 3 days/month
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Hotdesking (Drop-in)

Fully furnished workstation  
High speed internet  
Access to printing, scanning & faxing services on demand
Pricing $5/hour

By law, we are required to add a 5% GST to all bookings.


Q: Can I leave my computer & equipment on my desk?
A: Absolutely, we have security measures in place to safeguard your belongings.

Q: Can I take a call at my desk?
A: For short calls, we have the lounge for you to take advantage of. For longer calls, please book meeting room.
A: We currently do not offer any storage/locker space.

Q: Is there a bike storage?
A: Yes, we also have shower stalls you are welcome to use as well.

Q: Do you host events at your space?
A: Yes, we support local groups who organize events that benefit our community and the community-at-large, you can see a full calendar of events here.

Service Summary
Coworking Space in Vancouver Coworking Space in Vancouver
Dedicated, short-term, & drop-in coworking space in Vancouver. Includes internet, meeting room access, mailbox rental & reception services.
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The Network Hub - Vancouver

Pricing: from $5/hour
Availability: Limited Availability
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