Toronto Coworking Spaces Launch Passport Program

It’s no secret that co-working spaces offer the opportunity to network and share ideas with other professionals on the go.  In Toronto however, the problem is deciding which co-working space is going to be the most affordable option for both their preference of setting, as well as their bank budget.

In Canada, co-working spaces are popping up everywhere, and while you can always drop into many of them on a day to day basis, the problem has become that many of them are charging $25 per day, when they once cost as little as $5 to get a seat in.

To help combat the variation on charges and rates, an alliance of shared office space owners in Canada is forming, known as Coworking Toronto. They’ve recently launched a shared office program for those that are moving around Canada, known as Passport.

The Passport program allows Passport members to try out one free day at coworking spaces that are enrolled in the program. The opportunity allows members to try out a space, and if they find something they like, enroll in a membership at the space of their choosing.

Currently, the program costs $75 to sign up for. There are 7 companies that own coworking space involved in the offering, with that list growing on a weekly basis.

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