How Safe Are Your Valuable Deliveries in a Canada Post Super Mailbox?

As you may have heard, within the next five years, Canada Post will stop delivering mail and packages directly to the doorsteps of urban homes. Instead, it follow an existing trend and install a number of community mailboxes or “super boxes” for each neighborhood, just like what you might already see in new subdivisions or townhouse developments. We’ve already explored some of the issues that may surround this imminent shift.

For example, because the individual mailboxes for each home are only going to be so big and there isn’t going to be anyone watching over them for any real length of time, the Canada Post community mailboxes will not really be able to accept parcel deliveries of any sort of reasonable size. If they’re bigger than a very small box or a standard letter, then you’ll have to pick up that package at the closest post office or affiliated outlet. This is quite unlike what you may have now where the letter carrier knocks on your door (or rings the doorbell), you open the door, sign for the package, and receive it immediately.

What if you are ordering a smaller package in the mail that can fit in these types of mailboxes? How safe can you really feel when you might have something worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars sitting in a community mailbox in the middle of a public area where any crook can break in and steal the contents? What if it is a cheque or other important document that puts you at the risk of identity theft too?

The fact of the matter is that Canadians may lose the peace of mind that they currently enjoy with personalized, door-to-door mail service. This is why, especially in the context of running a small business, it is a good idea to rent a mailbox that is watched over by a real, live receptionist who can sign for your deliveries and keep them safe until you are ready to pick them up. This way, you can rest assured that your valuable deliveries are kept out of the hands of thieves, vandals and other criminals.

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