The Big Box Problem with Canada Post Home Delivery Changes

You may have heard the recent news about how Canada Post is going to phase out urban home mail deliveryin favor of moving toward having more “community mailboxes” placed strategically around the city. You may have already seen these community mailboxes in newer subdivisions and they’re already used widely for townhouse developments too.

In short, over the course of next five years, Canada Post will slowly stop delivering mail directly to the homes of people in urban centres. This affects your residential mail, to be sure, but if you are entrepreneur, freelancer, remote worker or anyone else who may use your home address as a business address, this could also have a dramatic impact on how you run your business as well. We previously discussed some of these concerns, but they will become even more apparent and even more pressing with these changes at Canada Post.

Most letter mail should not have too much trouble fitting into the new community mailboxes, but this becomes a bigger problem with parcels of nearly any size and particularly with any larger deliveries. Since the Canada Post letter carrier will not be delivering directly to your door, it means that they will always simply leave a pickup notice for you instead. Community mailboxes simply aren’t large enough to accommodate these kinds of deliveries.

What if you are expecting an important parcel from a supplier or business associate? Even if you find the pickup notice in your community mailbox, the actual item oftentimes isn’t available until the next day (at best). Thankfully, our Richmond mailbox rental services are unaffected by these changes and we can accept all of your deliveries from Canada Post, as well as any other couriers. Rest assured that you get timely updates for deliveries and both your lettermail and your packages will be stored securely at your virtual office until you’re ready to pick them up. This is a simple and affordable solution to the big box problem.

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