A Great Reception For Your Mail

Running a business is hard work, especially when you don’t really have the resources to hire a full staff. That scenario is actually becoming much more commonplace as people try to make a living online, which usually means working out of a home office. It also means trying to do the job of 4 or 5 people, which can create a real strain on your time and effectiveness. There are those that rope family member into makeshift employee, roles, such as getting the kids to pick up the mail and asking the wife to play receptionist. It can be tough to ask the family to help out like that, but you don’t really have to if you go with a mailbox rental service.

One of the first things that give a business any type of legitimacy is having a physical address where business mail can be sent to. It’s good to have a separation between business and personal, which is why a separate address is always a good idea. For many, that means renting a PO Box and hoping that the couriers used to send business mail will actually deliver there, as many of them simply won’t. A mailbox rental service such as the one offered by The Network Hub gives you that physical address, but they actually take it several steps further.

One of the biggest benefits of paying the small monthly fee for a mailbox rental service is that you get a real live receptionist working the desk at your new address. This service is all part of the total cost and has benefits that you wouldn’t even imagine. Think about the time you have to waste sitting around waiting for a package to arrive that you know will have to be signed for. That is something your new receptionist can take care of. He or she will also be there to receive all of your mail, alert you if a client unexpectedly shows up at your address, and to send you an e-mail whenever you have new mail arriving.

What you basically get is a full-time receptionist to handle all of your business mail needs, and all for as little as $30 per month. You probably pay your kids more than that in allowance for doing chores such as picking up the mail. You also have the choice of deciding whether you want to go to your business address to pick up your arriving mail, or simply have it forwarded to you once per week, with the latter costing a little extra, but still incredibly affordable.

If you are still in the position of asking your loved ones to do menial tasks that will help your business, or are stuck paying for an outdated PO Box that might not be able to handle all of your mail, then it’s time to think about making the switch to a mailbox rental service. The time and money you save will make the small monthly payment very much worth your while.

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