Metro Vancouver Accounts for Almost Half of Community Mailbox Thefts in Canada

Many titles have been bestowed upon our fair city over the years. According to the 2013 “Liveability” report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Vancouver is the third best city in the world and it’s the top city in Canada. TripAdvisor recently named Stanley Park as the world’s best urban park. Unfortunately, not all of these titles are positive ones. Metro Vancouver has also been named as the mail theft capital of Canada.

The biggest part of the mail theft problem is coming from the increased use of “community mailboxes,” both in condominium and townhouse developments, as well as many newer subdivisions where door-to-door delivery was never offered by Canada Post. In fact, Canada Post is reporting that almost half of all thefts from community mailboxes in Canada happen right here in Metro Vancouver with at least 250 break-ins this year in Langley alone. That’s in less than six months.

While Canada Post spokesperson Jon Hamilton says that breaking into these community mailboxes requires “extreme force,” that hasn’t stopped thieves from gaining access and stealing all kinds of confidential and private information. Residents have become not only vulnerable to identity theft through bank statements and credit cards, but they’ve also had cheques and other payments stolen.

The issuing institution can usually place a stop payment and re-issue a cheque, but many people cannot afford to wait for that. I know of at least one personal friend who has had thousands of dollars’ worth of cheques stolen from his mailbox. And stolen identities can also lead to fraudulent credit card applications and many other headaches.

There are measures you can take to minimize your risk of mail theft, but as long as you have mail in these community mailboxes, you could be a potential victim. This is why we highly recommend our mailbox rental service for handling all of your confidential personal and business mail, including parcels. You can upgrade to a digital mail forwarding service too for added convenience.

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