Why do you need a mailbox rental?

Many freelancers, startups and small business owners don’t feel like they need to pay for a conventional storefront like how a brick-and-mortar business might need, preferring to complete their work wherever it may be most convenient and comfortable. This could be from a home office, but what if you’re expecting to receive a parcel delivery from a courier? You could wait around all day, only to learn that the package is going to be delivered tomorrow instead. And what if you have other commitments or appointments that will take you away from your home?

This is just one scenario that can be easily and suitably addressed with mailbox rental. Instead of using your home address as your company mailing address, you would simply use the address for the Network Hub location of your choice. The delivery person will be greeted by a smiling receptionist who can then sign for the package if needed, even paying for any customs, duties or COD charges as necessary to create the smoothest experience possible. You then pay the Hub back for those charges and pick up your parcel at your convenience. If you prefer, you can also sign up for mail forwarding service for even more convenience.

Another scenario where mailbox rental is useful is when you go traveling. You don’t want to have your business mail piling up in front of your doorstep in your absence and it’s possible that you could miss an important letter. With mailbox rental, you get an automatic e-mail notification each time something arrives for you. This notification includes the sender, so you can choose when you want to pick it up.

The mailbox rental service also offers several advantages over a PO box. There are many delivery companies that refuse to deliver to a post office box, for example, requiring a physical address and possibly requiring a signature before releasing a parcel. A physical address can also provide a more professional appearance than a traditional PO box, allowing you to use the address just like how you would if your office were physically located at the Hub. You can use it for business licenses, software registration, bank accounts and more.

Our Richmond mailbox rental is $30 per month with your choice of a virtual office in Downtown Vancouver, Downtown New Westminster or Whistler Creekside.

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