PO Box Not Adequate for Google Address Requirement

A short while ago, we learned that Google is instituting a new requirement for Android app developers where they must provide a physical address. This affects all app developers who intend on listing their apps through the Google Play Store if they plan on selling the app (rather than listing it as a free download) or if they plan on including any in-app purchases. Basically, if you plan on making any money through Google Play, you need to update your developer and publisher profile with them such that they have a physical address on file.

The thing is that the physical address isn’t going to be kept private by Google for purely administrative and accounting reasons. It’s going to be a part of the public listing for the app in the Google Play store, leaving your privacy vulnerable to attack if you are an independent developer or you otherwise use your home address as your primary business address too.

At the time, we didn’t know for sure how far this physical address requirement would go and some members of the Android app development community suggested that using a P.O. box may suffice. However, it has now been reported that a PO box isn’t good enough to satisfy the Google Play developer address requirement. Apparently, this is because Google may be complying as closely as possible with some recent changes in European Union consumer rights.

Those changes state that the geographical location of a business is needed. Even though certain PO boxes do have a regular street address attached to them, that may not be good enough and it certainly isn’t good enough in the case where a regular street address is not available. This is another reason why our mailbox rental service is a far better solution; it is treated like a regular office address, just as if you opened up your own office space.

With Android continuing to rise in popularity and with more developers capitalizing on this opportunity, it is becoming more important than ever to adhere to any changes in Google’s policy if you wish to keep selling and monetizing your apps through the Play Store.

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