Get Mailbox Rental at the Hub Too!

Some people like working from home. We get that. But you’re not always going to be home to receive those important parcels and documents, nor do you necessarily want to give out your home address to your clients and business partners. The mailbox rental service offered here at the Hub is just the ticket!

For just $30 per month, you can have all of your business mail sent to The Network Hub. We’ll store it securely and with the utmost level of confidentiality. You don’t even need to check in to see if you’ve received anything, because we send out automatic email notifications! These notifications will even tell you who sent you something, so you can decide whether it’s worth coming down to pick it up.

Our mailbox rental service offers several advantages over renting a post office box too. With a regular PO Box, your customers and couriers will be faced with just a box. With us, they are greeted with the smiling face of a real person at reception. It’s really like having your own personal front desk!

Check out our page on mailbox rental for more information and to sign up today. Go ahead and add fax services for the extra $10 too!

Learn more about our Victoria mailbox rental service.