Use A Mailbox To Help Maximize Your Time

How much is your time worth? That is a question that most people only really think about when they are paid an hourly wage at their place of employment. That is a little harder to answer when you run your own business and don’t really keep tabs on the time that you are putting in. Most business owners that work out of their home only look at the bottom line, and while that is an important number, you have to compare how much you have earned with the time you have invested to earn it. If you dig a little deeper into that time, you are likely to find that much of it is wasted.

Many small business owners simply use a PO Box for their business mail, which usually means several trips per week to see if anything needs to be picked up. Now imagine you live in a major Canadian metropolitan city where traffic is not as fast moving as it should be. How much time is spent sitting in traffic waiting on a log jam to clear or a light to change? Think about messages that can’t be responded to because you can’t get on your mobile phone while stuck in that traffic. Can you see how much valuable time is eaten up in the act of checking for mail?

When people think of mailboxes in Canada, they tend to think of a little metal slot at the local post office, but thanks to companies like The Network Hub, that landscape has changed completely. Instead of being assigned a box number, your company is given a real physical address that instantly gives your home business a great deal of credibility. As if that weren’t enough, each location also comes with a receptionist to greet the mail carriers and look after your incoming mail.

If you are going to go through the process of putting a value on your time, you need to look at all of those occasions when you rolled up to your PO Box and found it sitting empty. Not only is that incredibly frustrating, it further devalues the time you spent in getting there in the first place. That is something that is not an issue when you go with the new mailboxes in Canada, as that receptionist we mentioned earlier will alert you by e-mail whenever you have new mail arriving.

You can create your own value for what you do by maximizing your time and using it for business tasks that actually make you money. Picking up your mail should be pretty low on the priority list, unless of course you are waiting on some checks to arrive, but even then, the mailbox service will alert you to the fact that you have mail waiting. That means you don’t have to be at home, pacing the halls until the mail carrier finally arrives. That type of delivery is a system that is old and outdated, so switch to mailboxes in Canada and makes the most of your time.

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