Android App Developers Need a Physical Address

Do you develop mobile apps for smartphones and tablets? More specifically, do you publish Android apps via the Google Play Store? You’ll want to pay close attention to a story that broke recently about an update to how Google is handling Google Play Store app submissions and app developers.

If you publish any app via the Google Play Store–this includes Android for sure and we think it extends to Chrome apps too–that is either a paid app or it’s a free app with in-app purchases, then Google will require you to provide them with a physical address to keep on file. Google says this latest measure is “in accordance with consumer protection laws and current best-practices, ensuring a more transparent and positive experience for users.”

This address is not only on file with Google, but it will be publicly displayed when a user clicks through on the details page for any app that you publish through Google Play. The new physical address requirement is mandatory and it goes into effect on September 30th.

What this means is that your address will be available to all users on Google Play. They say this address is so that you can be contacted, even though users can just as easily contact you via e-mail or telephone. If you don’t provide Google with a physical address and update your account settings to reflect this new address, your apps may be removed from the Google Play Store.

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