How Safe Is Your Mailbox?

A sudden surge in mailbox break-ins in West Vancouver is a cause for concern. Identity thieves are breaking into a number of mailboxes, looking for cheques, credit cards, and other documents that may be useful for identity theft. The problem isn’t restricted solely to the North Shore, of course, as cities like Maple Ridge, Surrey and Coquitlam have also experienced similar issues. Three community mailboxes in the British Properties were broken into in April.

The easiest targets for these identity thieves are the mailboxes that are essentially accessible by the public. If you have a mailbox out on a post by the sidewalk, as depicted above, it doesn’t take much for a thief to open it up and take what’s inside. Similarly, the mailboxes that are typically mounted to the outside of homes, even if they have locks, can be easily broken into. The scary thing is that victims of these crimes don’t even know what is taken.

When it comes to your important financial and business documents, you don’t want to leave their security to chance. That’s why investing in our mailbox rental service is about more than convenience; it’s about privacy and safety. We securely store your mail and parcels, minimizing the risk of theft. Since our office is always staffed and we know the people who are coming in and out, the chances of someone stealing your mail are slim to none.

This is especially important if you’re going to be out of town and your home mailbox is going to be left unattended for several days. That leaves you even more vulnerable to theft. Let us put your mind at ease. Your mailbox rental with us is safe and secure.

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