Protect Your Privacy with New Google Developer Address Requirement

When you have a brick and mortar business like a coffee shop or a furniture store, you want your customers to know your physical address, because you want them to come visit you in person. That only makes sense. When you have an online business and you work from home, you may not want to disclose your mailing address to random strangers on the Internet. However, a recent change from Google could put your privacy at risk.

Google is now requiring all Google Play developers who sell paid apps or have apps with in-app purchases to supply them with a physical mailing address. While some developers may be comfortable providing Google with their home address, the new change at Google will actually publicly display the physical address on file via the app’s detail page. This means any user on Google Play can look up your mailing address.

Several Android developers have already voiced their concern about this, because they do not to put their home address out in front of the public eye like that. It can be risky, opening them up to all sorts of possible threats, like identity fraud. This is less of an issue for development houses and software studios that have shared office space, but this is a problem for independent developers.

An inexpensive and convenient solution to this is to subscribe to a mailbox rental service from The Network Hub. For just $30 per month, you’ll get a physical mailing address at your choice of our offices in Vancouver, New Westminster or Whistler Creekside. This address can be the one on public display in your apps’ detail pages. This address can then also serve as your official business address for all sorts of other registrations and correspondence where you do not want to provide your home address.

Maintain your privacy, protect your safety, and keep developing awesome Android apps for the Google Play Store.

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