Receive Your Mail and Instant Email Notification

Are you a startup business looking for ways to reduce costs? Do you want to eliminate having tons of mail coming to your home address? Are you looking for ways to avoid giving your address out to the general public and clients? The Network Hub is your answer to these problems. The Network Hub is a virtual office offering solutions to businesses including Mailbox Rental and Mail Forwarding.

Mailbox Rental

If you would like to avoid an unprofessional PO Box address, have peace of mind with a physical location for your clients to send their mail to. You’ll receive automatic email notifications which sets us apart from the rest. Most Virtual Offices will require you to do the legwork to find out if your mail has come in. But with The Network Hub, we will send to you an email instantly to let you know once your mail has arrived safely. We save you time because you will know who sent you the mail and you can decide if it’s worth the trip.

Mail Forwarding

This is important if you are away on vacation or business. If you choose to have your mail come to your office or home, this can help with deterring robbers as piled up mail is an indication you are away and your home is left unattended.

So contact us today to find out about other services such as bundling services. You can pay as you go with no long-term contracts. We also offer a comfortable workplace environment and meeting spaces giving you the professional office you deserve at affordable prices.

Learn more about our Whistler mailbox rental service.