Start with renting a mailbox… then a shared office space

If you live in Vancouver then a great resource you will want to know about is The Network Hub. The Network Hub offers a place for business men and women to conduct their daily work without having to have a central office. It you wanted to rent a mailbox there for your business mail you can. There is an onsite receptionist who will take the mail for you and let you know when important letters or documents arrive. You can find a virtual office with everything you need to run a business at your disposal.

The Network Hub is available twenty four seven so you will always have access to your office when you need it. In addition to the office you will also have access to kitchen, shared fax machine, and a conference room. When you need a place to go and get some work done, this is your best option.

When you rent at the Network Hub you can get a fully furnished office space to meet with clients and receive phone calls. The biggest advantage of being able to rent a mailbox is the fact that you will have a professional business address to give to your clients and vendors. It can feel unprofessional to have them send things to your home address, and even worse to have to meet them there. The Network Hub is great if you are always traveling and don’t see the need to spend the money to rent an office building.

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