Virtual Office & Mailbox Rental

Our virtual office solution goes beyond your standard issue mailbox rental service.

It’s so much more than that.

Unlike a P.O. box, which often times cannot be used for official purposes like registering your business, our virtual office service provides you with a real physical address. Deliveries, whether they’re regular lettermail or larger parcels, are greeted by the gleaming smile of an actual live receptionist. It’s as if your office really is physically located here. A virtual office is perfect for you.

Perhaps you work from home, but in the interest of safety and privacy, you don’t want to give out your personal mailing address for professional purposes. Maybe you travel frequently for work, either in town or abroad, and you don’t want to miss that important package delivery. Whatever the case, our affordable and flexible mailbox rental service is an excellent choice.

Our front desk receptionist can receive guests who visit in person, taking messages on your behalf and relaying those to you the same day. When letters and parcels are delivered, you can also expect to receive same-day mail notifications so you’ll never skip a beat. And since there is a live person here for parcel receiving, we can help you take care of any customs and duties at that time, effectively eliminating any possible related delays.

The days of coming home to a “missed delivery” notice on your front door are a thing of the past.

Out of town or don’t have time to come in to pick up your mail? Not a problem. We offer both mail forwarding and mail scanning, the latter of which can deliver your letters to you via email the very same day. Worried about cash flow and don’t want to miss that important payment from a client or customer? We also offer cheque depositing for your convenience.

Our virtual office solution is truly comprehensive. With online signup and instant activation, you can be set up and ready to go in a matter of moments. Choose from multiple locations across the country, including Nanaimo, Vancouver, Richmond, Whistler, Toronto and Calgary. Rates start as low as $25.50 a month. Your office may be virtual, but the peace of mind you’ll feel will be very real.

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