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The Network Hub is a Vancouver-based business centre with multiple branches across British Columbia. We provide mailbox rental service, meeting room rental, coworking space rental, private office space rental and event space rental in New Westminster and Vancouver. Established in 2006, thousands of small businesses have relied on The Network Hub to provide them with the mailbox rental, meeting room rental, coworking space, private offices and event space that is critical to their operation. Because of our expertise and experience with small businesses, clients such as Facebook, Shopify, Google, Netflix and even Disney have entrusted us to satisfy their needs for coworking space, private office and/or event space. Regarded as a reliable and valuable resource, Small Business BC often refers us to their members to help with establishing their new business. Our office space rental length are flexible and prices are simple-and-straightforward. We have no hidden fee in any of our pricings. We also offer many different space configurations and plans for our services so our customers can find a solution that meet their business needs. Our 100+ Google reviews and and average 4.9/5.0 rating proves that entrepreneurs and small businesses owners are right to have trusted us with their business. Our staff are fully bonded and our spaces have liability insurance. We have been in business in more than 10 years because we have the best staff, services and spaces to help small business owners grow their business. Regardless of what stage your business is at, we are confident that The Network Hub will be able to help so contact us today!

Mailbox Rental

Your office location has a major impact on how you run your business. Whether you’re needing an physical address to register your business or changing your registered business to one that’s not your home, we have the staff and mail service to ensure your success. We specialize in helping individuals register their business with the government, moving home-based business to a physical commercial office space and assisting out-of-city/province/country firms establish a presence in BC with minimal cost and risk. With multiple different mailbox rental plans available, we are confident that we will have a plan that matches our customer’s budget while still maintaining the high quality service we stand behind.

“Can I Use Your Address to Register my Business with The Government of Canada?”
Yes! We are recognized by the Government of Canada as a valid commercial office space so you will be able to do so.

“Can I Use Your Address to Apply For a Business License?”
Yes! You are definitely able to use our address to apply for a business license.

Meeting Room Rental

When you need to meet with your client, it is critical that the environment is appropriate. A professional meeting room can make a different in winning or losing a business deal. Our meeting room rental rate is reasonable and our online calendar makes booking a breeze. Our front desk staff are trained to handle multiple different types of bookings (ie. Interview, workshop, conference call, etc..) so you can be comfort to know that we will be available to support you and your business. Some of previous clients includes Simon Fraser University, G&F Financial Group and Microsoft have entrusted us to provide them with the meeting room and support staff to make their meeting a success.

“Do I have to be a member to rent your meeting room?”
Anyone can rent our meeting room. You can either book from our website or call us.

“What’s your cancellation policy?”
We offer a 72-hours 100% money back guarantee.

Coworking Space Rental

When working out from the home office or the coffee shop no longer generates the desired results, the next step is to consider getting into coworking space. In a coworking spac, the presence of other entrepreneurs along with a team of front desk staff will provide a nurturing and encouraging environment that a home office or coffee shop can offer. With our turnkey coworking space, the transition will be seamless as internet, power, furniture and cleaning services are included. Our coworking space rental terms are flexible and simple pricing will ensure simple budgeting.

“How long are your rental terms?”
You can rent our coworking space by the hour, day or month. Discounts are available for longer signups.

Private Office Space Rental

A private office is necessary when the business needs privacy or requires a private collaborative environment for their team to work in. The Network Hub provides different private office space of varying sizes, ranging from 1 to 6 team members, all with flexible rental terms and simple pricing. Each turnkey office includes basic furniture (desk and chair) and internet access.

“How long is the rental terms?”
You can rent our private office space by the month. Discounts are available for longer signups.

“Is there any other fee, aside from the monthly office rental price?”
No. We keep our pricing simple and transparent. You pay one monthly price and that’s it.

Event Space Rental

When our customers are looking for a space that’s bigger and more open than what our meeting room can offer, our event space is available with for rental with the same flexible terms. With the open-concept space configuration, the event space can be customized to accommodate many different types of events, such as training session. The Network Hub has been the home to many events such as Toastmasters, yoga classes and WordPress workshops.

“Do I have to be a member to rent your event space?”
Anyone can rent our event space. You can either book from our website or call us.

“What’s your cancellation policy?”
We offer a 72-hours 100% money back guarantee.