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The Network Hub has been providing coworking spaces to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses in Vancouver since 2006. We were nominated for Small Business BC’s most community impacting business of 2018. Coworking space, the style of work that involves shared workspace¹, has been a growing trend in Vancouver and The Network Hub has been offering it since 2006. Since establishing a workspace for temporary or additional team members carry many constraints, such as cost and rental restrictions, coworking spaces provide the perfect solution to remediate them. As the team size recalibrates according to business needs, our coworking space in Vancouver can provide the necessary flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing logistics. Our coworking space will not only allow for the company to move to the ebbs and flows encountered by the business environment, it will also allow tighter focus on maneuvering and implementing various strategies without having to worry about any unexpected cost.

Can I rent your Vancouver coworking space on a month-to-month term?

Yes! We are able to rent you a coworking space on a month-to-month term. If you wish to stay longer, we can provide you with a discount when signing a 3, 6 or 12-months commitment.

Coworking Space – Vancouver – Downtown Shared Office Space
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It is quite common for many coworking space to provide only the bare basic workspace but to ensure that the company is fully supported and have the highest chance of success, we provide additional services and systems, beyond just a space for its team member(s) to operate from. This ensure that the small business can focus on its growth while entrusting us to be able support it. Benefited from having more than 10 years of experience in supporting small businesses, we are able to provide the same excellent experience from one single company. Our custom systems have been time-tested, primed and are always evolving in order to provide our small businesses with the turnkey solutions, allowing them to fully focus on their company, one of the benefits of being in business for over 10 years. In addition to providing a coworking space in Vancouver, we also include meeting room access, 24/7 access, internet connectivity, printer & scanner access and mail service within minutes of joining, allowing for the small business to immediately work on their business.

When focusing only on the price of the coworking space, the additional and/or hidden costs will sometimes be overlooked, resulting in surprised billing on the next invoice. The Network Hub provides coworking spaces in Vancouver for rent with flexible rental terms and upfront simple pricing. Our main goal is for our new member to fully focus on the growth of their company instead of next month’s invoice.

Can I try out your coworking space in Vancouver?

Yes, you can! You can book our coworking space online our coworking space online for an hour or longer to try out.

Coworking Space – Vancouver – Downtown Shared Office Space
Call us at 604-767-8778 or email us

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The rental of our Vancouver coworking space starts with a dedicate (non-dedicated if it’s a weekday pass) workspace. This includes a desk, office chair and a hardwired internet connection. After signing up for a member agreement, shortest term is 1 month, The Network Hub will provide the company with access to the meeting room, mailbox service and reception service. The company will be able to use the meeting room (5 hours/month for free), mailbox rental and the front desk team will receive the their visitors. All of these services, and many more, are included when renting a coworking space in our Vancouver location. When using the meeting room, the front desk staff will be able to accommodate the company’s expected guests. Depending on the purpose of the booking, including interview, video/telephone conference, workshop, training session, etc., we are able to accommodate for the company’s needs. When using the mail service, the company will be notified of all incoming mail, on the same-day that the mail was received. This ensures that all deliveries are received and ensuring the team’s resources are set toward growing the business. The front desk staff will receive company’s guests and either announce their arrival to the team member or take a message and email the message. In performing such tasks, the front desk team ensures that all incoming guests are professionally handled, thus reducing the administrative cost for the company.

Coworking Space – Vancouver – Downtown Shared Office Space
Call us at 604-767-8778 or email us

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How It Works

Dedicated Coworking Space

  1. Book a tour with us.
  2. Complete a member agreement. You have the option of month-to-month or termed length. Discounts are available for longer terms: 3-months, 6-months and 12-months.
  3. Welcome to The Network Hub community!
Get Started

Hotdesking (Drop-in)

  1. Click on “Book Now”
  2. Select a date, time and duration
  3. Sign in (or signup for a free account)
  4. Make your payment
  5. Done – the shared office space has been reserved for you.
Get Started

Fully furnished workstation  
Dedicated deskspace  
24/7 access  
High speed internet  
Access to printing, scanning & faxing services  
Mailbox rental service (more info)  
Meeting room access (more info) 5 hours/month
Access other Network Hub locations 3 days/month
Pricing from $400/month

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Short-term deskspace use starting from $5/hour.

Fully furnished workstation  
High speed internet  
Access to printing, scanning & faxing services on demand
Pricing $5/hour

By law, we are required to add a 5% GST to all bookings.

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Q: Can I leave my computer & equipment on my desk?
A: Absolutely, we have security measures in place to safeguard your belongings.

Q: Can I take a call at my desk?
A: For short calls, we have the lounge for you to take advantage of. For longer calls, please book meeting room.

Q: Is there a bike storage?
A: Yes, we also have shower stalls you are welcome to use as well.

Q: Do you host events at your space?
A: Yes, we support local groups who organize events that benefit our community and the community-at-large, you can see a full calendar of events here.



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